Hi.  I am Tommy Kuykendall and I want to be your Mayor in 2016. Vote Tommy for Mayor on May 7, 2016. 


Prior to being entrusted as the Mayor of Fulshear, Tommy Kuykendall served his community and profession gaining valuable knowledge and experience.  Tommy Kuykendall and his family moved into Bois D’Arc Estates on Penn Lane in 2000.  He began by serving on their HOA board.  Having a genuine concern for the future direction of Fulshear, Tommy Kuykendall participated in the 2002 Comprehensive Planning process held at the Irene Stern Community Center.  Being a Traffic and Transportation Engineer, Tommy naturally gravitated to the mobility issues.  At that time, Fulshear’s population was about 700 and there were no master planned communities in the City Limits or ETJ. 


Following an invitation from the late Dr. Michael McCann, Tommy Kuykendall served on the Planning Commission from 2002 until 2010 taking over as chairman in 2008. Tommy recounts, “I was able to see the initial planning and development of Fulshear’s first three master planned communities – Firethorne, Cross Creek Ranch and Fulbrook on Fulshear Creek. The slate was clean as far as developments go.”  Simultaneously, Tommy Kuykendall served in various committee and board positions with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) until becoming President of the Houston Branch of the in 2007.  Leading this 3,000 member organization developed Tommy’s organization and leadership skills.  In 2007, the ASCE Houston Branch had more members than Fulshear had residents. These opportunities in the HOA, Fulshear Planning Commission and ASCE Houston Branch provided the experience needed to lead Fulshear in 2010 when the voters selected Tommy as Mayor. 

Roll back to 2010 when Fulshear had no City Administrator, no Permit Department, and no full time Police Force.  City Hall had six employees and Mayor Tommy Kuykendall.  Tommy Kuykendall has led Fulshear through numerous challenging steps of growth including the following and is the right person to continue moving forward:


Tommy Kuykendall has all the qualities that you want to have in a public servant. He has vision, intelligence, compassion, wisdom, patience, honesty, and humility. He isn't in public service for himself; he's in it for the good of his community and generations to come.

                                                            John Healey, Fort Bend County District Attorney




Tommy and Alyssa singing "Everywhere in Texas" by Brian Burns at the 4th of July Festival in 2012.


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